A project aimed at repairing pre-owned bicycles and providing them to individuals impacted by Russian aggression.


In the face of Russian aggression, numerous individuals have not only lost their homes but also their means of transportation. Yet, Ukrainians are determined to stay on their native land and the Brave Foundation stands ready to provide the needed assistance.

To fulfill our goal, we are furnishing de-occupied communities with pre-owned bicycles sourced from Europe, as bikes are the only feasible mode of transportation currently available.

These bicycles come to us free of charge, gifted by Amsterdam City Hall and Uber.

A significant number of these bicycles come in on a regular basis. We may receive between 150 to 300 bikes on any given day, each requiring minor repairs and handling.

This task has grown more manageable due to the considerable expansion of the project, allowing for regular repair sessions.


Bike meet-ups are held at the community workshop, Brave Bikes, located at 31/36 Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street, Kyiv, 02000. Volunteers gather at this location to collaborate with Oleksiy in the repair of pre-owned bicycles. These repaired bicycles are subsequently transported to areas that have been liberated from occupation. Oleksiy guides volunteers, shares his own experience, and imparts knowledge that could prove valuable down the line.

Oleksiy is a true maestro in his field, as he himself is overseeing two projects — lifecycle.kyiv and
Up until August 2023, volunteer gatherings were held at the Lifecycle.kyiv workshop.

To grasp the rapid growth of the “Brave Bikes” project, consider the following achievements:

  • 5

    truckloads of bicycles arrived from Amsterdam

  • 1342

    communities received the transportation we provided

  • 48

    volunteer gatherings were arranged

  • 213

    bicycles underwent repair

  • 35+

    volunteers are actively engaged



The "Brave Bikes" project isn't just about the transportation we provide to the areas freed from occupation. There's a hidden story behind it. It holds deep value.

When our team went to Izyum after its liberation, delivering blankets to the residents, Alyona, a co-founder of Brave, met Uncle Tolya. He handpicked the sweetest watermelon of the year for the team and dearly welcomed us into a conversation.

Yet, signs of the occupiers' presence were painfully evident... In the spot where Uncle Tolya's garage stood, lay a bicycle he used for trips to the market, the woods, and to visit his daughter. His grandfather's built house also bore the scars of a projectile impact.

Upon returning to Kharkiv, the team recognized the need to help rebuild Uncle Tolya's house and provide him with a bicycle – a bicycle he could ride again, to the woods, to the market, to see his daughter.

And thus, the project came into being. Today, there are numerous such bicycles, not just for Uncle Tolya.

In November 2022, we launched the "Brave Bicycles" project, and it's been going strong ever since. This project helps people and has its own unique story and importance.

As of the fall of 2023, we've provided bicycles to 9 regions: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Donetsk, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia, and Cherkasy.



Stichting Zeilen Van Vrijheid Foundation:
Collects used bicycles in the Netherlands and transports them to Ukraine.


Brave's Warehouse in "Rybalsky" Residential Complex:
Receives and stores the bicycles amid the repair sessions.


Cargocult Delivery to the Workshop:
Dedicated volunteers transport the bicycles from the warehouse to the workshop, utilizing specialized cargo bikes.


Parts Procurement Thanks To Your Donations:
Bicycles arrive in varying conditions. To ensure longevity and a seamless experience for new owners, we provide maintenance and simple repairs.


Brave BikesOleksiy Hvorostenko, the workshop master, guides volunteers during bike maintenance sessions, overseeing the repairs.


Bicycles' Journey to Communities:
The Brave team and our partners facilitate the transportation of bicycles to their respective communities.


Step 1: Join the Telegram channel and stay updated on news announcements.
Step 2: Gather your colleagues and friends, and collectively lend a helping hand.


Take direct part and help us restore Ukraine. Be Brave.


Have a desire, but no time? They will help with volunteering. Support the Brave.


Do you know where help is needed with rubble and repairs after hostilities? The brave will help.

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